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About Us

Israel's Consulting Travel is a customer centric family business operating in Durban, South Africa, the pulse of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The business opened its doors over a decade ago and has grown from strength to strength under the leadership of Lorna Nardin, who not only is the director but a hands on staff member in this vibrant organisation. The Nardin family is very involved in the business and all members echo the values of their leader, much can be attained through hard work. Lorna Nardin has always been passionate about people this combinded with her love of Travel ensureds that every person that she meets is ignited with the same passion.

Our Vision

We assist individuals and groups in making each holiday destination special and extraordinary with our personalized service and our passion to serve God and man. Our team work closely with Spiritual leaders and different churches to make holidays affordable along with a monthly payment plan.

Our company host groups and individual to various destinations and our main focus is to elevate the Kingdom of God by hosting groups to the Holy land which by God’s instruction and demonstration to Israel was related to our economic aspect of how they were to live, As they travelled from Egypt to the promise land. From experience in our business and scriptures, we arise with the top level purpose of what we do.

Our Services

Israels Consulting provide a personalized service from start to finish!

Israel's Consulting is a Kingdom minded business with a BIG Heart

Israel's Consulting are determined to provide their clients with the most breath-taking and exciting Holidays

An easy monthly payment can be arranged on all group bookings and cruises available

Israel's Consulting are one of MSC's leading agents in Durban - the pulse of Kwa-Zulu Natal

Israel's Consulting are specialists in the Middle East, Far East, Indian Ocean Islands, MSC Cruises - Local & International

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