10 Day Holy Land Tour

Walk where Jesus walked....

Join us for the Feast of the Tabernacles Celebration, one of the holiest times of the year to be in Israel the Land of God. To experience absolute bliss during this unique spiritual adventure. Where you will literally follow in the footsteps of Jesus, and feel what it means to be closer to Jesus and discover the roots of your Christian faith. This pilgrimage will unite all believers as one and also in Christ and faith.  Come to Israel and unite in preserving the precious Christian heritage of this magnificent land and feel a part of the rich tapestry of religious history that inspires every corner of the Holy Land.

Israel’s Consulting Travel has a new offer available for a Holy Land Tour which will be taking place from 2 – 10 October 2019.

We assist groups and individuals to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It is also the place where the Lord will return to at the 2nd coming! Over and above this, Israel has tremendous Biblical and Historical significance to every single Christian, as it is the land of the bible where every account in our Holy Scripture comes from.  Our operators in Israel eagerly await every one of our clients and ensure that our local standards are maintained from the time our guests arrive at the airport through to their departure.

A deposit to secure your seat is required.  Rates are based on fluctuation at the time of booking.  Prices are subject to availability and the exchange rate.  T’s & C’s apply

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