Dubai – Winter Offer

Glitzy Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ holiday hot spot.

Dubai is famous for sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and shopping malls that come complete with mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes. Dubai has transformed itself in recent years with a series of creative, ambitious construction projects that have catapulted this city to the top of every bucket list.

Cruise along Dubai Creek in a traditional dhow, and you’ll soon realize there’s more to this city than its flashy veneer. Dubai has created the world’s largest flower garden, spanning 2,000 square meters and home to a reputed 100 million flowers.

The Global Village is the world’s leading multicultural festival park and the region’s first family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment. You can also enjoy the safari tour with the thrill of dune bashing, dinner and entertainment.

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